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To be the world’s leading provider of value adding process chemical specialties, delivered by a diverse and inclusive organization, passionate about providing customers with innovative and sustainable solutions.


We are a global, customercentric company, providing the industry with premium release agents, purging compounds and other process chemical specialties with world-class service and a sense of urgency.

Our people create value by improving customers’ productivity, quality and sustainability. We follow our core values and guiding principles.

As a global leader in release systems, purging compounds and process chemical specialties, we are here to serve.

At Chem-Trend, we are not simply a supplier. We are a visionary, working alongside you to create solutions that help you today, while forging the way to the future.

It starts with our people, who begin each day focused on your business, your challenge, and your success.

It starts with you: your goals, your challenges, your possibilities. Through collaboration and innovation, we use a combination of industry-leading products and custom solutions to give you a competitive advantage immediately, all while providing a sustainable and successful path forward.

Helping customers in nearly every sector of manufacturing, we have built a remarkable presence throughout the world. This provides local support and development close to home, while allowing for deployment to local manufacturing sites. We want to do more than elevate your process. We want to help improve your entire business.

Our philosophy

We are more than producers of release agents and purging compounds. We are agents of change, passionately helping to define the future of manufacturing. What many consider an unimportant element in the manufacturing process, we consider vital. Why? Because it represents efficiency. Less waste. Greater sustainability. More possibilities.

It starts with our people, the most capable in the industry, who begin each day focused on your business, your challenge, your future. Born from an entrepreneurial spirit and backed by global powerhouse Freudenberg, we are both global and responsive. Bold and caring. Premium and a tremendous value.

From small die cast parts to massive turbine blades, from tyres to composites, from aerospace to packaging, we are with you. In your facility. In our lab. On call.

To us, this is more than a solution. It is a passion. And we strive to be the most dependable, trouble-free part of the entire manufacturing process. We are Chem-Trend. And together, we create certainty. We enable success. And we release innovation.™


It started small. Peer Lorentzen, a chemical engineer, aided by his wife Birgit, a chemist herself, experimented with the development of release agents for polyurethane foam in the kitchen of their home. They saw a need, and with an entrepreneurial spirit, they expanded rapidly. After sending out many sample jars of their newly developed product, they moved production out of their home and into a rented garage in Howell, Michigan. Thus began the story of Chem-Trend.

Innovation has always been at the core of the company. Initially serving the die cast industry, the company invented a water-based lubricant. This was the first glimpse at a company built on pushing the envelope of what is possible, what is safe, and what is sustainable.

As the years passed, expansion happened globally. New industries were served. New solutions were developed. As manufacturing techniques evolved, Chem-Trend remained in front, helping enable each improvement.

The growth of the company was also fueled by best-in-class acquisitions: GreenChem. The PERMA-MOLD® product line. The Pura® line of polyurethane products. Chemlease®. Zyvax®. Huron Technologies. Ultra Purge™.

Today, with parent company Freudenberg, we are now truly a global presence, serving nearly every manufacturing industry and leading the release agent and purging compound industries in innovation, in research, and in sustainability. We’d love to put our power to work for you.

A brand of Freudenberg.
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